Thai Traditional Stretching Massage Therapy (Dry)

Thai Traditional Stretching Massage Therapy (Dry)

Thai Traditional Stretching Massage Therapy is a popular technique. It has been a part of Thai culture. In this unique massage technique, there is a process that combines deep tissue pressure, muscle, and joint stretching, along with gentle manipulations of the body. 

Despite the fact that the technology has a very long history, it is still in practice and remains a famous method. The research saysthat Thai traditional massage is key. It relieves pain and eases many symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Another famous Thai massage style is the traditional stretching massage. It leads the queue with its unique concept and health benefits. Stretching massage without using oil (dry) is popular not only in Thailandbut in many parts of the world. Yes, Thai massages are ruling the therapy and massage markets with their effectiveness and reliability. 

Thai Stretch Massage is often calledSore Spots Massage Therapy. Actually, this massage treatment is also recognized by the names 'lazy yoga'and 'sports stretching massage'.

Further, it includes restorative postures and stretches. The therapist uses palming, foot, and finger pressure to help relieve muscle tension.

Thai Stretch massage therapy uses no oil. It has been an effective way to relieve pain and soothe clients. It is in practice globally considering its benefits and reliability. 

How To Do Thai Traditional Stretching Massage (Dry)?

Thai Traditional Stretching Massage done without using oil is a dry technique. This technique can be done in various parts of the body by following the steps below:

Leg & Spine Stretch

In Thai Traditional Stretching Massage (Dry), you need to work with the client. You aim to boost muscle flexibility and bring relaxation and well-being to the client's body. 

By doing this, the spine and leg stretch ultimately starts with the customer laying on his/her back with their legs up at 90 degrees along with putting the knees slightly bent. 

Likewise, the service seeker needs to support the back of their knees with their hands. Then the service provider faces the client. They stretch the client’s legs first by holding their ankles and slowly pushing the legs forward. The feet go toward the client’s face. 

Now, all you need to do is stretch and continue to the spine, gently pushing the client’s legs forward in order to release the back away from the floor. Again you need to work with the customer to make sure whether the stretch feels comfortable and effective or not.

Shoulders Stretch

Another stretching in this technique is shoulder stretch in which customers lay on their back with their legs bent at the knees facing upwards and the feet resting on the floor. 

Sitting opposite the client you need to be in a squat position and should ask the client to place their feet on the therapist’s thighs. 

Then, the customer slowly lifts their back off the floor but keeps their shoulders in contact with the floor. Then you need to lean slightly backwards to gradually increase the stretch, encouraging the service seeker to breathe and relax.

Spinal Twist

In this stretching, all you need to do as a therapist is make your client lie on their back with their arms on the floor open to the sides at shoulder height. 

Then you should ask the client to keep their one leg straight and bend the other leg along with crossing it over the straight leg. 

Now place one hand on the client’s bent leg. Put the other hand on the opposing shoulder. Press gently to increase the stretch and range of motion. Slowly twist the spine. Again twist the other leg and shoulder of the customer in the opposite direction.

Full Back Stretch

In this stretch, you need to put the client's face down on the futon, with their arms alongside their body. Make sure, there will be pillows for extra comfort, and use their body weight to perform the stretch.

Now, you need to bring them to a kneeling position, with their legs resting on top of the legs. Then, hold the client’s arms and lean backward, along with allowing their torso to peel off the floor and stretch, just like a bow.

Thai Traditional Stretching Massage (Dry) In Kathmandu

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