Swedish Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage Therapy

Swedish massage is a common therapy used to relax us, and relieve stress and pain. It often involves activities like rubbing, kneading, stroking, and tapping the muscles. 

Further, the massage is performed to energize our body and upgrade overall health. The massage also involves other actions such as percussion, vibration, and rolling. These use massage oil or lotion. They protect the skin from friction.

Just like other massage therapies this massage therapy also contains a range of benefits. Besides making us feel better and relaxed, it also helps treat numerous illnesses and pain. 

Swedish massage therapy has many benefits that compel you to give it a try once. What are these benefits? Let's know about them below:

Helps in Treating Lower Back Pain

Much research suggests that Swedish massage helps with low back pain. The therapy, in general, provides relief for a short time, however, the research found that Swedish massage is indeed a wonderful way of alleviating low back pain.

Also, the actual healing by Swedish massage is quite conflicting. Some other research has shown that this massage therapy is effective for low back pain only if patients do regular exercises. 

Lower blood pressure

Swedish massage therapy also assists in decreasing blood pressure which may have resulted in anxiety. This can make you calm ultimately leading to a reduction in anxiety and pressure.

More studies are needed to see if this method can provide long-term relief. They must also see if it improves high blood pressure from other causes.

Sound Sleep

Therapies and relaxation are considered for sleep disorders. Also, people with sleep issues from anxiety, depression, and mental problems should consider this. 

Likewise, Swedish massages also assist us in relaxing and improving sound sleep. A regular session of this therapy helps to decrease anxiety and stress.

Not just that, with the passing of time, sleep will be improved. Further research on this topic is needed though it is confirmed that Swedish massage makes your sleep better day by day.

Helps in Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Relaxation techniques including Swedish massage are wonderful ways to help ease the symptoms of PMS. Due to PMS, females may feel fatigue and mood shifts which can be reduced to an extent by this massage. 

Reduces Depression

Depression is emerging as a common issue everywhere. People around the globe are being a victims of this mental illness. But wait, Swedish massage has been a proven method to reduce depression.

Not only Swedish massage but other therapies too contain many benefits to help fix symptoms of depression. For better results, you should consider it regularly.

An Agent For Cancer Pain Relief

Source reports suggest that people with cancer may benefit themselves by taking Swedish massage. They can adopt this massage therapy as a complementary therapy that helps in lowering cancer effectssuch as pain, fatigue, and anxiety. However, further research on this matter is a must.

Improve Circulation

A classical massage improves circulation in the body and due to this reason, some experts recommend therapies during pregnancy and physical discomfort.

Similarly, Swedish massage is a wonderful way to fix the problem of blood circulation. With gentle pressure on muscle, the valves get active leading to an easy flow of blood in the blood vessels.

Treat Neck Pain

Along with lower back pain, Swedish massage also helps in reducing neck pain, however, for a short time only. As per the research, you will get more relief from neck pain if you follow this massage therapy regularly. 

Treat Shoulder Pain

Swedish massage also helps in short-term relief from shoulder pain. Kneading, rubbing, and tapping of the muscles provide a soothing feeling from the pain, however, you need to take medicinal help for long-term relief.

Treat headaches

Spa, therapies, and massage give a soothing calm releasing tension from the head and mind. Similarly, Swedish massage therapy is a wonderful medium to do so. You can get relief fast with this. 

Swedish Massage Therapy In Nepal

Being a popular massage therapy, Swedish massage therapy is available almost everywhere and it has been provided in various therapy centres in Nepal too.

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Have a visit once, you won’t be disappointed since the place has some of the highly skilled and experienced staff on the team.

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