Sports Massage Therapy (Dry)

Sports Massage Therapy (Dry)

A sports massage is not an ordinary massage. Well, it is a specialized package for athletes as it is concentrated more on enhancing circulation, increasing tissue elasticity, along with reducing muscle tension. It is especially for sports people since they constantly face these problems.

Furthermore, sports massage is also done to help soothe tight muscles since muscle tightness causes limited flexibility, provokes pain, and causes future injuries too. If you have such issues with your muscles then you should definitely consider this massage as it helps in releasing muscle tightness.

Let’s Talk About Benefits Of Sports Massage Therapy

Sports therapy often called sports massage provides several benefits. Not only for sports people, this therapy is also effective for other people. What are the benefits provided by this therapy technique? Have a look:

  • Sports massage therapy helps to increase joint range of motion (ROM).
  • It also increases flexibility in body motion.
  • It is said to be an effective technique for increasing muscle tension.
  • The therapy has been an effective mechanism for neurological excitability as it makes nerves more relaxed. 
  • It decreases muscle cramps too. 
  • The therapy has been proven the right technique for increasing a sense of well-being. 
  • It decreases anxiety and improves mood. 
  • It also helps in making our sleep better.
  • It has also been an effective way to increase blood flow
  • The therapy further helps in the increased elimination of exercise waste products including lactic acid.
  • Sports massage therapy decreases the chance of injury in the future
  • The therapy is a wonderful way to decrease recovery time between workouts

Types of Sports Massage Therapy

Sports massage is a vague term in itself. It covers a huge aspect since it not only works for the athlete's body but also works in an effective way for a healthy life and well-being in every person.

On the basis of techniques, this massage can be done in various ways such as effleurage, kneading, wringing, hacking, and trigger points. Let's know more about these techniques below:

Effleurage: Effleurage massage is a wonderful technique under sports massage therapy which is basically considered a form of massage that involves a circular stroking movement made by using the palm of the hand. 

Likewise, this technique can be stiff or light without any draggings on the skin. As a therapist, you can do this by using the padded parts of the fingertips or by using the palmar surface of the hands. Also, you can use lotion to make your service more result-oriented and effective.

Kneading: Kneading massage therapy is another effective massage technique that is applied by putting pressure on the muscle and lifting it in circular and upward motions. 

Further, this technique is often used for breaking down and realigning collagen fibers which increase flexibility and a wide range of movement in the muscle. Not just that, the process also relieves stress in the muscle fibers and helps in improving deeper blood.

Wringing: Wringing massage therapy is another technique that falls under sports massage and the technique is mostly performed on large areas of muscle, such as the lower back, thigh, and calf. 

Moreover, wringing massage therapy consists of activities like lifting and squeezing the muscle forwards and backward. It is further used to treat tight muscles, for relaxation, and also as part of a post-event massage.

Hacking: Hacking massage is another technique under sports massage therapy which is percussion movement. Actually, it is a light and fast movement that is performed with the side of the hands. 

Further, you need to use both hands in order to strike muscle areas alternately. It is an effective technique for a sportsperson as it is primarily done to stimulate both our nervous and circulatory systems.

Trigger Pointing: Another brilliant technique in sports massage therapy is a trigger point. This therapy involves treating points in the muscle so that there will be a relief of tension. 

Likewise, the therapy has a great role in increasing temperature and blood flow with the muscles contributing to relaxation. During the time muscles get relaxed they can be brought back to their full length. This way, this technique helps in restoring movement and increases flexibility in the muscles.

Why Sportspersons & Athletes Should Consider Sports Massage Therapy?

Sportspeople and athletes often deal with heavy workouts and hard work in the field. All they need is strength and effort as performers. For their hard work and immense efforts in the field, they need a deep relaxation time and often. Likewise, sports massage therapy can be a wonderful option for these sports enthusiasts.

Sports massage therapy not only provides athletes relaxation, in fact, it provides relief from several injuries and body pain. It provides a calm and soothing feeling reducing all stresses from the mind. Both mental and physical health will be promoted with regular sessions of sports massage therapy. 

If you are a sports enthusiast or adventure-loving person, then this massage therapywould be a great option for you. You should definitely consider this. 

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