Head and Neck Massage Therapy

Head and Neck Massage Therapy

Head and neck massage is a beneficial massage therapy that gives you relaxation and provides a range of health services. It stimulates nerve endings, increases blood flow, and helps soothe muscle tension across the hairline, behind the ears, and in the neck. 

Likewise, regularly treating yourself to this calming experience further leads to lower blood pressure, assists in reducing stress hormone levels, and also works to balance your nervous system as per various studies.

On an individual note, a head massage is a process in which a deep-style massage is given on the head that focuses not only on the head but on the neck and shoulders too. Similarly, the massage also applies various techniques to help minimize stress. It releases tension in the upper body. Also, scalp massage helps enhance neurons and blood vessels to relieve head muscle stress.

However, a neck massage targets the neck and shoulder muscles. Sternocleidomastoid, scalenes, and upper trapezius are treated during a neck massage. Likewise, this massage helps to relieve tension, remove headaches, and increase relaxation.

Steps For Head & Neck Massage

Follow the below steps to enjoy a head and neck massage:

  • First, you need to prepare yourself for the Massage by creating a relaxing environment. For this just find a quiet space with availability of comfortable seating. 
  • Then, dim the lights and enjoy the play of soft music if you desire.
  • After that, gently warm your hands by rubbing hands together so that there will be a generation of warmth along with making the touch more pleasant.

Head Massage

To enjoy a soothing head massage follow the steps given below:

  • First, you need to get started with the scalp. For that, just place your fingertips on the scalp and then, apply gentle pressure on it. Then, use circular motions for massaging the scalp. You can start from the front and move to the back. Now, all you need to do is focus on various sections of the scalp, along with the sides and top.
  • Moving onward, you need to massage the temples by placing your fingertips on the temples, the side of the head. Then, apply gentle pressure on the temple and use small, circular motions. The temple just above the ears is often a point of tension, which takes your time.
  • Lastly, the forehead and eyebrows come on board where you need to use your thumbs in order to apply gentle pressure towards the center of the forehead. Then move outwards to the temples and use your fingertips for gently pinching. Continue the process of releasing the eyebrows and moving from the center outwards.

Neck Massage

For neck massage follow the steps below:

  • Start neck massage with the base part of the skull by placing your fingers at the base of the skull which is an occipital region. 
  • Then, apply gentle pressure over the legion also by using circular motions. This ultimately helps in relieving tension that often builds up in this area.
  • Coming to the sides of the neck you need to use your hands to give a gentle squeeze and then release the sides of the neck.
  • Now, start from the base of the neck and then, move upwards towards the jawline. But be cautious not to apply a huge pressure on the front of the neck, since it is a sensitive area.
  • Lastly, it's a turn for shoulders. Just, give a gentle kneading of the muscles at the top of the shoulders with your fingers of both hands. Continue it by using circular motions and applying a comfortable amount of pressure. Enjoy the massage by moving from the neck towards the outer shoulders.

What Are The Benefits of Head and Neck Massage?

Head and neck massageprovides ample health benefits such as:

  1. Lighten Stress and Anxiety: During the massage, a gentle rhythmic motion definitely helps calm your mind and body.
  2. Lessen Headaches: Giving a gentle massage to the scalp and temples assists in reducing the intensity and frequency of headaches.
  3. Refines Circulation: The massaging also enhances blood flow to the head and neck area which ultimately leads to relaxation and healing.
  4. Relieves Muscle Tension:Head and neck massaging also helps to loosen tight muscles in the neck and shoulders, which further helps in removing discomfort and also improves mobility.

Additionally, by performing a head and neck massage you can create a simple yet effective method to unwind and improve overall well-being.

Head and Neck Massage In Nepal

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