Spa In Kathmandu

Spa In Kathmandu
Spa In Kathmandu

Kathmandu being the capital city of Nepal has many spa and massage centres. Among many facilities found here, spa and hydromassage are no exception with the availability of many branded bathtubs and products.

Well, a spa is a commercial establishment (often considered a resort) that offers programs and equipment devoted to health, beauty fitness, weight loss, and relaxation.

The spa is essential to maintaining a luxurious and comfortable life along with maintaining health and well-being. It helps you maintain a healthy and happy life as it carries many benefits.

If you are in Kathmandu, Nepal, then you should try spa and massage centers. Besides considering your relaxation, a spa is also necessary to overcome many physical difficulties including high blood pressure, being overweight, and restlessness. Since it carries many health benefits, why not give it a try, right? Well, it should be practiced regularly to live a comfortable life both physically, mentally, and socially.

To address the needs of many spa customers, Kathmandu has many places that provide a soul-satisfying service. The places are self-sufficient with all the necessary types of equipment to provide the best quality to the customers.

Kind of Facilities

The spa and massage centers in Kathmandu have branded products including a Jacuzzi to make the international and domestic tourists feel comfortable. 

Likewise, they offer many services such as deep tissue massage therapy, hot stone massage therapy, Thai massage therapy, facials, pedicure, sauna, steam, ayurvedic massage therapy, and more.

These spa centers are absolutely helpful in overcoming your stress and mental disturbance. Also, the compression helps heal your body's pain and wounds.

You can visit there and enjoy the feeling of relaxation and comfort. Also, you can be a member to get benefits from various package offers and discounts. 

In today’s busy schedule maintaining both physical and mental health has become difficult. But no worries, the hot water massage, hydrotherapy sessions, and other services provided by the spa and massage centers feel different.

Spa in Thamel

Thamel, the famous tourist destination of Nepal has many spa and massage centres. Since the place is widely popular among both domestic and international tourists, it should have all the facilities that a person needs for relaxation and well-being, isn’t it? 

Fulfilling the customer’s needs, Thamel has many well-equipped spa centers that give you international-level quality in service. The services have been running well for many years. Even the International visitors have praised the services provided here.

Spa in Thamel is specially designed for international customers, so they have international quality and ensure your comfort and relaxation. They will make you come again and again once you get the service from them. Technologies and services in Nepal are advancing with the passing of time and so do the spa centres here.

Not only in Thamel but many other places in Kathmandu provide spa and massage services with A-1 quality in service. With an aim to provide customers with a satisfying service, many of these places are running well and provide services the whole day.

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Real Thepary

If you are in Kathmandu and searching for the best spa center, then Real Therapy and Beauty Point is the perfect choice for you. It has been Nepal's premier spa oasis since the year 2002. Likewise, the massage center offers the customers to experience unparalleled relaxation.

Further, they make sure that the customers immerse themselves in a harmonious blend of expert massage therapy, invigorating sauna & steam, along with the great feeling of luxurious jacuzzi indulgence. Also, the spa ensures the finest in premium beauty care products.

At Real Therapy & Beauty Point,the team transcends mere spa services — they curate an atmosphere where every detail is devoted to your ultimate well-being. Also, they have skilled therapists who guide you on a journey of rejuvenation, the art of relaxation, and a journey to tranquility.

The major services offered by Real Therapy include

With the use of modern and branded tools, the place provides every possible facility a customer seeks for their relaxation and healing process. It is the best place if you want to forget all your body pain, restlessness, and hectic work schedule.

Also, the place offers the best service for beauty enhancement. With the availability of a wide range of branded products and skilled staff, it works to give you a different look by enhancing your beauty. It is a suitable place, especially for female customers. They work intending to relax, refresh, and renew.

You can enjoy full-day treatment with 8 hours of service and half-day treatment with 5 hours of service. In the packages, you can enjoy the sauna, steam, jacuzzi, head neck, and foot massage, ayurvedic facial or full body scrub, pedicure, and full leg waxing.

Also, a special lunch is provided with food and beverages as per your choice and package.

The full-day treatment costs $120 while the half-day treatment costs $100. The price may vary as per the season and discounts are available. 

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For your convenience, you can contact Real Therapy with the following details:

 Email: [email protected]


Address: Opposite Saraswati Multiple Campus, Behind Thameleshwor Mahadev Temple, Lekhnath Marga, Thamel, Kathmandu

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