Spa for men | Spa in Nepal

Spa for men | Spa in Nepal

Spa for Men

You eat right, exercise as often as you can, and pry yourself away from work long enough to enjoy the simpler things in life. But there’s something missing from your wellness regimen: a proper spa treatment. Before you express your disapproval, there are many facilities committed to offering men these treatments—brimming with fitness and health benefits. Check out some of the services for Real Therapy & Beauty Point which is the oldest and biggest complete day Spa in Nepal.

A first-time spa experience can be a daunting experience for most men. Many men see spas as unnecessary pampering or extravagance, or something that’s just for the ladies. If only they could see just how relaxing and fun a trip to the spa can be! These days, most spas are designed to be gender-neutral and cater equally to both sexes. There are even a host of spas opening up specifically for men – evidence that men are starting to whole- heartedly embrace the spa going experience.

Most men tend to opt for no-frills treatments, neutral interior design, and invigorating massages. These spas offer treatments specifically for men: gentlemen’s facials, manicures, traditional wet shaves & more.

Benefits of Spa for Men

Yesteryear's average man thought spas were just full of needless pampering. Today's well- rounded gentleman understands that their demanding lifestyle requires a balance between work and relaxing in order to remain healthy and sane. You may not realize just how much of a toll your body takes until you take some well-deserved time away. Here are some of the many benefits that spas have to offer men:

  • Relieves Stress

  • Encourages Relaxation

  • Improves blood flow and circulation

  • Helps With Anti-Ageing

  • Promotes better sleep

  • Relieves aches and pains

  • Relieves and reduces headaches

  • Promotes radiant skin

Some Popular Spa Treatment For Men

1) Facials:

A facial is a good start for men who are nervous about the whole spa experience. A facial doesn't involve getting your clothes off, is pretty relaxing, varied, and most men are surprised at how effective the treatment can be. Men tend to use fewer products such as moisturizer or even sunscreen on a daily basis. This is why the effects of a thorough facial treatment leave a fairly dramatic effect on their skin.

2) Deep tissue massages or sports massages:

Massage Therapy in Nepal are always going to be a popular treatment for men as they have a clear and recognizable physical purpose. At one time or another, most of us have felt the odd nagging muscular pang or a more serious pull, while severe stress-pains and tension can create sleepless nights. A good massage can get right to the root of these muscular and tissue problems leaving you physically and mentally chilled-out afterwards. Generally, "rougher" spa treatment for men leaves them feeling more relaxed afterwards; but sometimes the opposite approach is also worth considering. Many places make an effort to get you into a more receptive state with soft music and low lighting, so it’s not the worst thing to take that approach. A footbath or a brief aromatherapy treatment will help to make the massage feel all the more relaxing.

3) Saunas and steam rooms:

What could be more extravagant than rooms full of swirling steam and jungle heat? This is a very popular type of treatment with men for a number of reasons. Heat rooms have been a long tradition in many cultures, from Turkish baths to Native American steam lodges. The heat feels like the best kind of self-indulgence. If you're new to heat treatment, you'll find the unusual sensations it offers greatly appealing.

Like a massage, heat is associated with the relief of muscular stress from physical activities or posture. A good steam or sauna will help warm up your muscles before a deep massage, and thus making the pressure even more effective. And men should even opt for mud treatments whenever available. Hot mud is one the most fantastic, sensual, muscle- warming and mind-relieving things you can treat your body to.

4) Thalassotherapy and hydrotherapy:

These water-based treatments are considered to be both active and relaxing. Blasting your body with high-pressure underwater aqua-jets help to open your pores, tone your skin and boost circulation throughout. Aside from classic deep tissue massages and sports massages — which we highly recommend — a couple of other treatments have exceptional benefits that may surprise the male first-timer. Pedicures are a silent favorite among many men. Smoothing calluses and properly trimming nails go a long way toward resolving the daily abuse your feet go through. You can even get your toenails finished off with a clear, matte product that will keep them from cracking without attracting undue attention.

Where Do You Start?

It's worth asking the spa staff for site-specific guidelines, but the following order of operations can help you get the most out of your spa day.

  • Ask for a robe and some sandals. Most spas these days have robes long enough for men.

  • Take a shower if you didn't do that right before arriving.

  • Relax for about 15 minutes in the hot tub.

  • If the facility also has a pool, transfer from hot to cold.

  • Spend 10-15 minutes in the dry sauna (this is especially great for men that frequent the gym's weight room).

  • Take a cold shower.

  • Head for the steam room. Relax for about 15 minutes or as long as you can handle it. 

  • Most spas have relaxation areas where you can catch your breath.

  • Time for a Massage. It’s best to arrive early enough to complete steps 1-8 before your appointment so that you can be fully prepared for your treatment.

Some DO’s and Don'ts

  • Do arrive early so you have time to settle in and relax

  • Do shower before Your Spa Treatment

  • Do ask questions because the therapist is there to help you.

  • Do turn your phone off or at the very least put it in silent mode.

  • Don't feel guilty for “Spoiling” yourself.

  • Don't be self-conscious about how you look.

Convinced that a spa day for men is a good idea? Browse the services of Real Therapy & Beauty Point which is the oldest and biggest complete day Spa in Nepal.