Inexpensive Ideas for a Rejuvenating Spa Day at Home

Inexpensive Ideas for a Rejuvenating Spa Day at Home
Inexpensive Ideas for a Rejuvenating Spa Day at Home

It is no surprise that we are living in a very stressful time. At times like these, when we cannot seem to catch a break from terrifying statistics and news of Coronavirus from around the world, it becomes especially important to take some for yourself to relax, catch a breath, and energize your senses. But how does one achieve that without getting out of the house or paying someone to do it?

The answer is simple, Spa Day at Home. Are you ready to kick this blog off with simple ideas and instructions that anyone can follow to achieve a Rejuvenating Spa day at home. All you need is a few household ingredients and a whole lot of time to yourself so you can reboot your system and start anew. In the immortal words of Donna and Tom Haverford from the hit TV show Parks and Recreation, "Treat Yo' Self".

First off, start by setting the mood to create a calm and stress-free environment. Find a suitable room and clear the clutter. Put on some soothing music to drown out the outside world. Light some scented incense or candles and dim the lights to create the perfect setting. Slip into your robe and don your comfiest slippers. Have a pitcher of cold water spiked with cucumber or lemon next to you. Most importantly, put your phone in priority notification settings so you are not constantly disturbed by the buzzing of your favorite social media platform or unwanted telemarketing messages.

Customize your Spa session according to what you like. If you have a bathtub, draw a hot bath and add some bath salts or essential oils to enhance your experience. You can choose to apply face and hair masks before that dreamy soak and maybe end it with a clear water rinse under the bath faucet. If you lack a bathtub, you can apply your masks and wait out the time by reading a book, listening to your favorite podcast, etc before you shower.

Get your hair and face masks in while you wait for the water to be ready. You can choose a variety of commonly found ingredients from around your pantry to give yourself a proper hair treatment. We recommend the following:

  • For dry hair, use coconut or olive oil to give it that extra dose of shine and softness.
  • For frizzy or damaged hair, masks with avocado oil and shea butter tend to smooth strands and restore a healthy look.
  • For a dry, flaky scalp, you can try something like Jojoba oil.

It’s important to do this first so you can let the mask work it magic through the tips of your hair to the root. You should also make sure to cover your head with a towel or shower cap to keep everything contained.  Mask sheets are a mess-free affordable solution infused with beneficent ingredients, and with cutouts for eyes, nose, and mouth. We recommend:

  • A mask containing hyaluronic acid If you are looking tired.
  • If your skin is temperamental, breaking out, or looking dry and flaky, an exfoliating mask with charcoal or tomatoes will do the trick to clean deeply and brighten your face.
  • If your face feels sensitive or lacks radiance, a plant-based hydrating mask with something like aloe vera will help soothe and restore glow.

To tighten and brighten your skin, you can blend some papaya with yogurt and honey and apply it as a face mask. If you lack sheet masks, you can just mash these ingredients into a paste and apply it to your face.

While your mask works it magic, you can use masks for your eyes if they are puffy, red, darkly circled or fatigued. However, if you lack these masks, Cool chamomile tea bags and cucumber are good traditional remedies to cool and soothe the areas around your eye, while cool potato slices work remarkably well for puffy eyes.

Give yourself an easy mani-pedi by clipping and filing your fingernails. Remember to do this while they are dry and file in one direction only. Give your calloused and cracked feet a good scrub and a healthy dose of moisturizing cream after. Use this time to massage your feet gently using a circular motion and lather up the rest of your hands and legs with your favorite brand of moisturizing lotion. You can also opt to soak your feet in some hot water if you don’t have a lot of time to spare.

Now that you have everything from your head to toe covered; It’s time to rinse it all off. Relax in your steamy (not hot) bath, sip your drink and just relax your body. Make sure to completely rinse off the mask and scrub. Use your favorite brand of shampoo and conditioner at the very least to remove excess mask residue. Apply a fast-absorbing body moisturizer while your skin is still damp so it can sink into your body with no residue or sticky feel after.

We can guarantee that this spa treatment will relieve your stress temporarily and rejuvenate your body and brain to face new challenges that tomorrow might have to offer. It is also equally important to try to clear your schedule for the rest of the day after your treatment.

You’ll definitely want some time to relax and just absorb all the effects of your treatment. We recommend putting your phone in priority notification and keeping away from screens and electronic devices in general. Try some meditation to get yourself centered, or keep busy with your hobby or pastime activities like reading, knitting, puzzles, etc. Before you sleep, make sure to change your bed sheet and pillowcases. keep your bedroom cool - and remember to blow out all those candles before you burn your house down!

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