Beauty Therapy in Nepal

Beauty Therapy in Nepal
Beauty Therapy in Nepal

Beauty Therapy in Nepal

In general, beauty therapy means the application of beauty treatments. Beauty therapy involves a variety of body works such as skincare, cosmetics, nail care, and hairstyling. The one who performs beauty therapy is mostly known as a beauty therapist or beauty counselor. They provide beauty treatment to the clients and advise them about using the right products and how to care for their faces and skin.

The solutions provided by beauty therapists come for problems like hair loss, pimples, acne, breast implantation, aging skin problems, or any other skin problems. Some of them even provide tips for weight loss and maintaining a good figure. Beauty therapy helps to improve the appearance and texture of the skin and cure minor surface marks through treatments such as cleansing, steaming, exfoliation, and many more.

Here is a list of some beauty therapies you can get in Nepal.

1) Waxing:

Waxing is a fast and secure method of eliminating undesirable hair from any area on the body. Waxing is generally of two types: hot and warm. Warm wax is heated to a specific temperature and is applied to the area of hair growth. Then, a linen or paper strips are placed over the waxed area, and pressure is used to make sure that hair sticks together with wax. After that, the strip is pulled quickly against the direction of hair growth. Generally, hot waxing is performed under a higher temperature than warm wax. It is mostly the same as warm wax except that hot wax is applied in a circular motion and takes some time to dry up. Waxing is recommended to be done every four to six weeks to ensure the majority of hairs come through.

2) Threading:

Threading is a hair removal technique that is originated from India. Threading is done with a piece of cotton that is enfolded around the therapist’s fingers and held firm between the teeth and is then pulled back and forth along the area where hair removal is required. It is mostly used on the eyebrows and facial hair.

3) Tweezing:

Tweezing is done using a tool called tweezer, which is used to thin and shape the eyebrows and aid to open the eyes and give a glow to the face.

4) Permanent Hair Removal:

  • Laser:

Laser hair removal is done using laser machines. This treatment can be quite painful. A series of treatments is required to eradicate the hair. Laser treatment can be done in almost any part of the body.

  • Permanent Electrolysis:

Permanent electrolysis hair removal treatment uses electric current to kill the hair-producing cells at the base of the hair follicle. A sterile needle as the width of the hair is inserted into the hair follicle, and an electric current is released to kill the cells with heat.

5) Manicures and Pedicures:

Manicure treatment refers to the treatment of nails, cuticles, and the skin on the hands up to the elbow. Pedicure treatment is mostly the same as manicure, but a pedicure is done in feet rather than hands.

Manicures and pedicure has substantial health benefits. It helps to increase blood circulation and improves the wellbeing of your nails, relieves stress. Moreover, it helps to keep your hands and feet smooth and delicate and prevent fungi infections and helps maintain healthy skin.

6) Facials:

Facials consist of a variety of therapy like deep cleansing, hydration, anti-aging, de-sensitizing, etc. All of them follow a similar routine, but products like oil and active ingredients differ according to the type of skin.

The necessary process consists of a detailed discussion to determine the treatment required. A cleanse and tone of the skin; exfoliation to eliminate dead skin cells; a head, neck and shoulder massage; a mask for the specific skin type being treated, toning of the skin and use of treatment creams are some of its essential therapies.

7) Eyelash/ Eyebrow Tinting:

These treatments are mostly done on blonde and lightly brown eyebrows to get a darker color. A solution of hydrogen peroxide is mixed with a vegetable-based dye and applied to the eyelashes or eyebrows and left for a couple of minutes for eyebrows and about ten minutes for eyelashes.

The tinting is recommended to be done around every four weeks to get naturally dark lashes/brows.

8) Massage:

The massage that is mostly performed in a beauty salon is the Swedish massage. However, you can also get alternatives such as aromatherapy, which uses essential oils. Also, Thai massage, Indian Head, and Shiatsu can be requested.

These kinds of massage help to improve the blood circulation, remove toxins, relax the muscles, and improve the immune system.

9) Hydrotherapy:

Hydrotherapy is the treatment that uses water as the means. These kinds of treatments are mostly found in a day or destination spa. Hydrotherapy treatment also includes a variety of treatments like hydrotherapy baths, which helps to massage the muscles and increase detoxification with water jets. Also, Vichy shower, where a person lies on a wet table beneath the rail of shower jet, Thalassotherapy pools, which help to heal the skin and detoxify, is amongst the treatment. It also includes heat treatments such as sauna and steam, which warms up and relaxes the muscle and improve the circulation.

10) Micropigmentation:

Micropigmentation is quite similar to tattooing as the color is inserted into the skin using a needle. However, unlike tattooing, the effects are temporary and will diminish over time as it is only inserted into the upper layer of the dermis.

Micropigmentation is also known as semi-permanent make-up. This treatment is mostly done on lips, eyebrows, and eyeliner.

11) Body Treatments:

You can get a variety of body treatments such as fake tanning, body exfoliation to eliminate dead skin cells. Body wraps that use various treatment muds, seaweeds, or oils to improve circulation, detoxify, moisturize, and relax the body. It is recommended to exfoliate the body before body wrap as it enhances the ability of the treatment products to penetrate the skin. A person is wrapped up in plastic, followed by a heat-retaining blanket. While the client is wrapped up, a facial or scalp massage is performed.


Well, Beauty therapy in Nepal is evolving, and people are benefitted from an increased number of people in Nepal going for beauty therapies these days. You can also check our other services like Spa in Kathmandu and many more.

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