Beauty Parlor in Nepal

Beauty Parlor in Nepal
Beauty Parlor in Nepal

Beauty Parlor in Nepal

Beauty Parlor is a business organization that provides related cosmetic treatments for both men and women. However, in Nepal, the beauty parlor generally focuses on women than men. The most popular types are beauty, salons, and spas. The beauty parlor industry has been like the basic needs of people in today’s world. Beauty parlor fulfills the requirements of wanting to look pretty. In Nepal, beauty parlor culture has existed for more than three decades but is centralized in urban areas.

Furthermore, in the last ten years, the beauty parlor industry in Nepal has surged rapidly. Women of every age tend to go to a beauty parlor, most of them seeking independence and individuality.

Even though the beauty parlor industry has been tremendous in Nepal, most of the parlors or salons are operated in small spaces consisting of only one or two employees and with minimal investments. You will find very few numbers of luxurious beauty parlors in Nepal. Females mostly operate these small beauty parlors. Even though the small beauty parlors have small investments, it has been a sign of independence for women of Nepal. Beauty parlors have helped many women in Nepal to get on their feet and even support their families.


Advantages of owning a beauty parlor in Nepal

1) You make decisions:

Having the freedom to make decisions is something most people want. Owning a parlor means you are a boss, and every significant decision solely lies on you, such as hiring and firing employees, marketing the brand, products to use within your parlor, price of your services, etc.

2) You don’t need to go to work every day:

You will get the flexibility to attend work as you want when you are the boss. However, it is recommended to be physically present until your parlor is established and you have dependable employees whom you can delegate duties to when you are not present.

3) You take the profits:

Earning handsome cash, which comes as profit, is one of the most tantalizing beauties of owning a beauty parlor. If you work at other jobs, you can only make a living as the income is steady; however, owning a beauty parlor can make you a fortune as profits are better than wages.

4) Huge Scope:

Every individual wants to look prettier. Even more, at present, beauty is one of the most wanted attributes in peoples. So people are willing to spend huge amounts on cosmetics and beauty treatments in today’s time. So, if you have skills, then open a beauty shop with great services, your shop will surge.

5) Relatively easily marketable:

More than social media and other kinds of advertising, word of mouth has been the most influential marketing since ancient times. In this field, the beauty parlor has a huge advantage compared to others as here, only your customer service mindset and skills counts. Furthermore, you can use simple advertisements like pamphlets, visiting cards, etc.


Challenges of owning a beauty parlor in Nepal

Even though everybody wants to look pretty, a beauty parlor is not easy to run/own, especially when the economy is down. Here are the few challenges that beauty parlor owners in Nepal face.

1) Competitive Market:

There are a huge number of beauty parlors in Nepal, which are increasing day by day. You will see beauty parlors in every corner. Though trends keep changing daily. So, you need to ensure to be updated with the latest fashions (haircuts, dying, nails, etc.) and make sure that your parlor has the latest design regarding furniture, equipment, and style.

2) Choosing the right products:

There will be many customers visiting your parlor for particular products, and if you do not have the product, you might lose a customer. However, it is very expensive to stock up on a variety of products to meet the customer’s needs.

3) Maintaining consistent income:

As with every business, beauty parlors will bring very inconsistent income, mostly in the beginning. It is shocking to see how unpredictable the income can be. There will be some months or weeks where you will not get enough amount even to pay the rent or give salary to employees.

4) Salon maintenance:

The equipment that is used in a beauty salon should be regularly maintained, or they will start malfunctioning. Also, it is vital to maintain a hygienic environment in the salon. However, the problem is that maintenance costs can be very high, which can highly decrease your profits.

5) High turnover rates:

Many beauty parlors in Nepal struggle with keeping an employee for a long time. Some employees quit the job after learning how to deliver the best salon services. And it is a headache to train new employees. Most importantly, a shortage of experienced staff can cause longer wait times and delays in services, making customers unhappy.


Benefits of getting beauty treatments in beauty parlors 

Everybody loves to get pampered. However, women like it more than men, which is a reason they go to parlors regularly. The beauty parlors in Nepal offer a wide range of services, which is beneficial not only for beauty but for overall well-being.

The benefits you can get at beauty parlors are:

1) Stress reliever:

With the hectic lifestyle that we lead nowadays, it is very vital to relieve stress once a while. So, one of the main benefits you will get in beauty parlors is the pampering you receive. It is the best place to relax to rejuvenate.

2) Quality products:

Most of the beauty parlors in Nepal offer premium products that you will not get in local stores. They are also well aware of types of products to use on your skin or hair, making it even more effective for you.

3) Manicures and Pedicures;

Taking care of your hands and feet are very important not only for beauty but also for health. Manicures and Pedicures clean your hand of dirt and dry skins that are harmful and also make your hands and feet look beautiful.

4) Facials:

Facial is also another way to relax and rejuvenate your skin. The experts will customize the type of facial you need according to your skin. These can be very relaxing and also helps to relieve stress by brightening the skin.


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