Baby Massage Benefits

Baby Massage Benefits
Baby Massage Benefits

You must be curious to know about baby massage as many of you might be seeking a suitable technique to make your baby relax and healthy. Well, it refers to a gentle, rhythmic stroking of your child’s body parts with your hands.

Also, it is a wonderful medium to make a strong bond with your baby. Further, you can have many benefits for your baby. So, here below is a basic guide to getting you started:

What Are The Benefits of Baby Massage?

  • Bonding: Baby massage helps in making the emotional bond between you and your baby.
  • Relaxation: It helps comfort your baby which leads to better sleep for the child.
  • Relief:It relieves discomfort from gas, colic, and constipation.
  • Development: It stimulates the nervous system which further supports motor skills development.
  • Immunity: The massage results in boosting the immune system.

Let us talk about getting started 

All you need to do is follow these given steps to get started:

  • First of all, you need to create a calm environment by choosing a quiet, warm room with a facility of soft lighting.
  • Then, you should prepare your supplies by keeping a soft towel or blanket ready. Also, a bowl of warm water and baby-friendly massage oil should be made available. 
  • Lastly, you should ensure that your child is comfortable and the baby should be made calm, alert, and not hungry immediately just after feeding.

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Basic Techniques of Baby Massage

There can be various techniques and skills for baby massage. Let's have a look at the basic but efficient strategy which is given below:

The Feet and the Legs

  • Beginning with your little one's leg and working your way down to their ankle, you should proceed with delicate touches.
  • Next, give your feet a rub by putting light pressure on each toe and making small circles on the bottoms of your feet.

Chest Area

  • Now you should make a heart shape, starting in the middle of the chest and going up and around the body.
  • Now, let's create a heart shape by starting from the center of the chest and moving upwards and around.

Stomach Part 

  • For better digestion, gently massage the stomach in circular motions, moving clockwise.
  • Next, gently move your fingers in a clockwise direction around the child's tummy.

Hands & Arms 

  • To massage your baby's hands and arms, you must follow the same technique you used for the legs, moving from the shoulder to the wrist.
  • Afterward, you should gently press and slowly release each finger.

Back Massage 

  • By laying your baby on its side, you can massage its back the best.

  • Next, starting at the neck and making your way down to the buttocks, gently stroke them with the palm of your hand.

Face Massage 

  • Nest up we have, face massage, for this, you should gently use smooth strokes from the center of the forehead outward.
  • Then, massage the cheeks of your baby in a circular motion.

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Tips for a Successful Massage

Giving a massage to your baby is not a casual matter. You need to have a special technique as an unskilled person can cause harm to the baby. To successfully make it happen, just consider the following tips:

  • It's important to know if your baby is happy by noticing how he or she acts. You should stop massaging the child if they seem unhappy or start crying, and try again another time.
  • Next, you should keep sessions short. For example, you can start with 5- to 10-minute sessions and slowly add more time as your baby gets used to the massage.
  • You should be gentle and use soft, gentle strokes as a baby’s skin is very sensitive.

  • Another brilliant way is to talk or sing since your voice can work as a soothing factor and also helps with bonding.

  • You should take in safety considerations by avoiding massaging directly over the spine.

  • You shouldn't touch your child either if they are sick or if they have skin problems like allergies or eruptions.

  • Finally, if you have any questions about massaging your baby or if your baby has certain health problems, you can talk to your doctor.

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Baby Massage In Nepal

Many Nepalese spas and massage parlors also offer excellent services for kids of all ages. Since baby massage is an essential thing for your baby’s relaxation and well-being, you should definitely consider various techniques to make your child happy and healthy.

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To make your baby’s bones and muscles strong, you should try oil massage no matter whether you follow the above tips or go by traditional techniques.

In addition, baby massage is definitely a delightful experience for you and your child, along with providing physical and emotional benefits to your little one. Go for various massage skills and enjoy a lovely bond with your child.

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